PPCsearch engines are a very useful and effective channel to get instant, targeted and revenue oriented traffic. PPC Management by Web Advisors team of experts considers the products on sale, the PPC budget, the keyword selection, bid management and ROI tracking. Ultimately, what clients look for and we strive for is providing the best ROI.

The overall PPC campaign for a client is modulated as below:

Keyword Research Expertise:
Selecting and bidding for the right keywords are very crucial to successfully manage a Pay Per Click keyword campaign. It has to be determined which keywords to avoid, who all are the competitors, how much the keywords cost and try to find as many keywords as possible that do not necessarily have to rank no. 1. We can also cover a vast majority of those "niche" keywords that are not so popular but can still drive targeted traffic to your site.

Here is an outline of the process we follow:

  • We study the "landing page" for your PPC campaign, understand what you are offering in detail and list down all possible keywords, we think we can use for this page.
  • We increase the keyword list using synonyms and expand the keywords to include variants of the basic words.
  • We also study the keywords used by your competition, derive synonyms and variants from those.
  • We take basic keywords and run them through the Google and Overture tools. Pick up variations from these and add to the list.
  • We then analyze the keywords based on the popularity and the competition and come with a list of keywords for each campaign.

PPC Bid Management:
PPC Bid management is a sensitive and real time process. Hence, constant monitoring and tweaking of your bids may be required to keep you in the desired position at the least possible cost.

If you need good and relevant response, it is important to be ranked in the top two to five positions. It is also a good idea to keep track of the distribution, i.e. which pay per click search engines your ad's are being served and they are at what positions.

On a case by case basis, we combine a manual process with the convenience of software tools to monitor bid positions for your keywords at a predetermined frequency. We adjust the bid according to agreed upon business rules to keep your campaign within budget, while maintaining the desired position.

PPC ROI Analysis:
Unless experts track and analyze the results of your PPC campaign, you will never get to know if your campaign is performing to its potential and whether it can be further be fine tuned to get you a better return on investment. Measuring ROI is extremely crucial for any PPC campaign.

Here is an overview or our PPC investment tracking methodology:

  • We track what percentage of people who visit your site from a pay per click search engine make a purchase, your average keyword cost, and your average profit per sale.

  • Determine your Max Bid. You can do this by deciding what profit margins you are willing to accept per sale. The max bid can then be lowered as is handled in our Bid Management service where the next highest bid is looked at and your bid is lowered accordingly where appropriate.

  • We track conversions and ROI using certain third party tools and provide you a detailed report on which keywords are working and those that are not. You can determine which keywords to eliminate and which ones to invest more in using this report.

Pay per click campaign case studies:
Web Advisors managed accounts have consistently seen a growth in traffic with a drastic cut in cost per user. Our managed Pay per Click accounts are well constructed tracked and managed, resulting in a higher ROI for our clients.

These case studies are just a few examples of how we have helped businesses, both large and small; enhance their presence on the Internet. From branding to search engine optimization to email marketing, we take pride in giving our clients highly personalized service that meets or exceeds their expectations.
As these case studies illustrate, each business faces unique challenges. We address each client individually and customize a marketing strategy using proven e-marketing methods to help them achieve their goals.

We invite you to read some of our case studies below to know more about how can improve your business.