Unarguably, “Return on Investment” is the most important element of a website. Your investment to setup and maintain website, makes you actively look for returns. Our Business Analysts at Web Advisors have expertise in various industrial domains and can assess client’s business growth rate and online presence requirements. We conduct a study of client’s expectation from his commercial activity and suggest groundwork needed to go online, most importantly in association with financial rewards.

We estimate and project sales or traffic out of our Internet Marketing program. We make sure the proposition for a client is “value for money”.

Some of the points we ensure to enhance ROI for your website are:

  • Setting Goals
  • Placing a plan of action
  • Implementing the plan
  • Measure the Results

Lead Generation
To arrive at estimation about Lead Generation a good amount of analysis is required. We carefully analyze the client domain. We are focused on conversion rate and on real lead generation.

At  Web Advisors we have a proven track record for generating “targeted traffic”. You can reduce the amount of “noise” or “unwanted” traffic and more importantly you get those visitors to your site who are actually looking for the information, service or product on your site. Getting targeted traffic greatly increases your chances of achieving online marketing objective.

The solutions we plan out are highly customized to particular client’s objectives. To achieve a successful lead generation and subsequently high conversions, we not only conduct an in-depth study of your offerings, but also combine it with the keyword analysis, use our expertise in understanding user behavior, create converting landing page copies with well-planned call-to-action strategies to get you more conversions- not just leads.

Combine this with our project planning and management for paid campaigns, which are needed for quick conversions and to meet seasonal demands for your products, we devise a strategy combined with the right keywords, create ad copies and help drive targeted traffic to affect higher conversion rates.


Brand Awareness

Internet Branding: Get noticed and then get imprinted in the targeted audience psyche for your business is a very distinctive style to establish your service or products name as itself a market. It attracts more and more customers towards search mechanism. It is remarkable for your company to “own the keywords” that will be an intrinsic part of your brand.

Brand Management

Web Advisors helps you in building brand awareness and creates the brand with in your most preferred verticals and markets. To identify keyword associations that you should own, we perform careful analysis of your current Internet branch positioning and media buying investments for online branding.

Additionally we will create an appropriate optimization and keyword-buying plan for you to ensure the requisite amount of visibility and market reach.

Our experts will also analyze the performance of your investments by creating sample surveys to poll the searchers and existing customers to identify the effectiveness of these investments. Final report of the efforts that were first planned and then implemented would be presented to you time and again.

Our proven methodology and quality tools help your website accomplish the perfect blend of many a variable needed to get top ranking on major search engines.