Website Content Writing is basically presentation of the information one wants to convey to the prospective users. But at the same time from search engine optimization point of view the copywriter has two fold responsibility: not only he/she is required to present the intended information in the most interesting and readable language so as to keep the interest of the reader intact, it is also required that the usage of extracted keywords/phrases is done optimally.

This means the content writer has to hit the best tradeoff between using the keywords/phrase and presenting the information to the user. Some might go ahead with a malpractice to bombard the content of a particular page with all the targeted keywords sacrificing the clarity of the information presented. A content writer’s basic responsibility is to produce the content in as simple and lucid language as possible to that the message intended to be put across is done fruitfully. The content writer has to develop the content keeping users as the primary concern and not the search engines.

SEO Copywriting is indeed a creative job that not only involves keeping the language and essence of the message intact but also at the same time utilizes all the targeted keywords optimally.

Web content writing or Copywriting is the key element when it comes to achieving good search engine ranking. It's not just about sprinkling your well-researched keywords across the web content -- it's about writing content that would be very simple to understand and effectively communicate what you want to convey to your web site reader.

At Web Advisors. our expert content developers go through an exhaustive analysis for proper search engine optimized content development for a web page. Some of the points we consider prominent for the task of web site content management:

Tip1: Plan out for the keywords/phrases that are intended to be used. This is the primary step for the content developer to get to know what kind of keywords/phrases are to be used in the development of a page and what should be their occurrence frequency.


Tip 2: Knowing the target market (users) is one more critical step a content developer needs to analyze before putting his pen down. So the language so chosen should suffice for the users need in general, along which the targeted keywords/phrases need to be pushed in.

Tip 3: Putting in optimized header tags is more important issue a content developer needs to address at the beginning phase itself. Just as in news papers or other printed media advertisements the bold headings pull in all the attention of the users, similarly in web content too the header section should be placed keeping in view the users perspective and the search engine context, to get optimum placement in the rankings.