As an established provider of Search Engine Optimization services, we use best practices that can extend the visibility and market reach of our clients, without ever compromising on ethical and legal standards. We cherish the relationship we have with our customers, and share a deep sense of ownership and commitment to every project we undertake. It is with great pleasure and immense pride that we acknowledge the fact that our success depends, wholly and completely, on the success and prosperity of our clients.

We understand the value of our customers and as a token of our appreciation and regard; we offer additional services to ensure that they derive maximum value for their money. Web analytics is an effort in this direction. We take care of all aspects of the website management including the handling of statistical and data management issues relating to the website, such as monitoring website traffic data, page indexing, page ranking, site statistics, etc.

Some of the web analytic operations we perform for our clients are as follows:

Keyword Positioning: The keywords/phrases linked to the client’s website are periodically analyzed for effectiveness in generating traffic with all major search engines, and based on the performance report, we make recommendations for improvement.

Page Indexing: Pages Indexed for particular web site after the initial search engine optimization program is a direct method to ascertain how search engine friendly the web pages in a web site are. One can go directly to a particular search engine to get the report for the same.

Page Rank:
The link structure of the web site determines its page rank value. Major search engines assign pagevalue to website pages depending upon the number and quality of the links to the site. Page ranking is important because a high page ranking can generate more traffic volume and quality leads for your site. We periodically analyze page rank for customer websites, and provide recommendations for improving website ranking.

Back Links:
Back links are links to your site from external websites. They are important for two reasons.

  • With more back links you have coming into your site, your page ranking improves in search engines
  • With more visibility across top search engines, your website has the opportunity to generate more traffic.

General Server and Site Statistics: We provide a variety of software for monitoring site statistics and data. These tools take care of all basic maintenance and monitoring functions such as tracking visitors or traffic, pages visited, referrer sites, keyword phrases and browser/computer types.